Music Instruments

Music Instruments
Music Instruments
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Basic Wooden Xylophone

This is a wonderful first instrument for young children. Made completely out of wood and painted in ..


Bear Xylophone

This is a lovely, sweet Musical Bear xylophone, sure to enrapture all aspiring musicians! Made from ..



A fantastic gift for all ages Retro box envokes memories of your childhood 10 hole diatonic harmon..


Recycled Kalimba

 The kalimba also known as finger piano, mbira, sansa or malimba among others names is one of t..


Thumb Piano

A Kalimba is a traditional African percussion instrument that is commonly referred to as a thumb pia..


Wooden Drum

This real wooden drum has a traditional, colourful design. It comes with 2 wooden drumsticks and is ..



This is a wonderful Xylophone made of wood and metal with a true, in tune sound of a proper musical ..


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