Wooden Heart is a family run business in the heart of Galway’s Latin Quarter that has been supplying ethical, safe and high quality wooden toys and unique gifts for over forty years. We source our toys from over a hundred suppliers worldwide and are constantly seeking to improve our selection. Many of our suppliers are also family-run businesses who to this day manufacture in Europe and deliver goods adhering to the highest quality and standards.

Our Values
From the beginning, Wooden Heart has been dedicated to providing children with toys that engage imagination, creativity, nature, intellect, and design. We believe the greatest gifts a child can receive are tools which encourage safe and imaginative exploration; such tools lead to a better understanding of the world. The Wooden Heart sources toys which spark the senses, inspire ideas, and most of all, honour the impulse to play. 

Our History
Barbara and Nanke Ulrichs arrived on the west coast of Ireland in 1979 and began the story that is Wooden Heart. From it’s first outpost in Loughrea, it has become known nationwide as Ireland’s original provider of high quality wooden toys. The Wooden Heart prides itself on adapting to ever-changing markets while staying faithful to the original values: providing children with ethical tools for a magical and creative childhood.